New or Used Car Dealership Capital Financing – Small Business Loans

New or Used Car Dealership Capital Financing – Small Business Loans

Car Dealership small business loans are extremely hard to get from the bank these days. Generally when you apply for a New Used Car Yard business loan with a bank they will give you lip service, let you apply for a loan, they will require complicated loan documents that take up your valuable time to complete. Then your Car Dealership business loan will be flat denied without reason.

You can save yourself a lot of stress by getting a New Used Car Yard short term loan or business loan from a lender that actually want’s to lend to business owners, like your Auto repair shop.

Many Car Dealership owners know that the banks will just waste their time so they don’t even bother trying. There is a small business loan alternative however.

I talk with many business owners across the States, and have determined that getting New Used Car Yard funding to take expansion opportunities, buy equipment, floor space, warehousing, purchase stock, parts or materials is a problem. Most Car Dealership owners don’t realize there is another option.

For that reason I have aligned myself with David Allen Capital as an Independent Loan Broker to help New Used Car Yard owners like yourself get the funding they need. I’m here to help you get the small business loan to give you the capital you need to to grow your Car Dealership business.

David Allen Capital is a brokerage firm that has sourced many lenders that love lending to small, medium and large business owners and entrepreneurs so you don’t have to beg at the bank.

David Allen Capital make it simple and easy to obtain Business Loans. The 1 page application with minimal supporting documents allow applications for Car Dealership loans to be approved within a day. Funding your Car Dealership loan will happen within a week. Worst Case. Many of our lenders fund overnight. But it is determined by the size of your business loan and the lender that offers you the money.

There is no cost involved with applying and only a soft pull credit check so your credit score will not be effected.

How to get a Car Dealership small business loan. See below.

00:26 New Used Car Yard Short Term Business Loan Process
00:33 What are New Used Car Yard loans used for?
00:44 Getting Car Dealership Business Loan Application Completed
00:51 How To Get Car Dealership small business loan approved
01:25 Getting New Used Car Yard funding
01:37 Repayments Car Dealership loans
01:59 Requirements for Car Dealership small business loans With Bad Credit

Why are Short Term Business Loans Needed?

I talk with many business owners both across the USA and the world. One common theme, businesses find it hard to get funding when they need it to take an opportunity of chance.

For example, a business owner has a small window of opportunity to secure the neighboring shop and increase his floor space by double. Doubling turnover. Only Trouble is he would need to fit out and buy stock. If he only had 100K quickly.

An importer has the chance to purchase $200K worth of Stock for $100K, One time discount but a business line of credit would be to expensive.

Open New store
Buy in Equipment
Pay Taxes or Payroll
You name it, businesses need it.

My Question to You.

If you could inject 10 – 50 – 100 -200 – 500,000 capital into your business, how would you utilize it to increase revenue and cash flow?

How do David Allen Capital cashflow small business short term fast cash loans work?

– Cashflow and Revenue are valued over “credit Score” 500+ and your good to go.
– 3-24 Month loan terms.
– Micro daily repayments, which our clients love
– no balloon payments at the end of the month.
– Simple One Page application
– Minimal Supporting Documents
– Approval in One day
– Fast Funding 1-5 days
– Discount for loan renewals
– The cost of the loan is known up front.

So in summary we love to give options to New Used Car Yard business owners across the United States of America USA. Entrepreneurs like yourself drive the economy and we love to encourage them by giving them the business capital they need to take the expansion opportunities on offer & grow their business and therefore the economy.

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