California Real Estate Principles: Session 1

California Realty Training is an approved real estate school in California (CA Sponsorship ID# S0596). We are an approved school by the Department of Real Estate or now know as the Bureau of Real Estate. CA Realty Training’s online supplemental training videos are designed to help you understand the process of getting into the real estate industry. Our real estate school provides all the required courses needed to get your real estate license in the state of California.

California Real Estate Principles offers a comprehensive introduction to the real estate business. With detailed outlines of property types and ownerships as wells as the intricacies of working with escrow and title companies, this course was developed to train new agents on the principles of real estate.

Contents include: The Business of Real Estate – Real Property – Ownership – Transferring Real Estate – Encumbrances – Agency Contracts – Financing Real Estate – Government Sponsored and Other Financing – Escrow and Title Insurance – Taxation – Landlord and Tenant – Appraising – Residential Design and Construction – Land Use – Math

The supplemental training videos are designed to assist you if the process of obtaining your real estate license. They are purely supplemental and do not replace the required coursework. In order to obtain your course certificate you will need to purchase and complete the required correspondence material (

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