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Loan based on company sales
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Definition of Loan on Company Sales:
When a business obtains Financing based on the Cash Flow of their Business shown by their Sales.

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The loan based on company sales features require only modest cash flow loan requirements and have limited restrictions. $10,000 in total sales, or more, per month as well as 5 deposits per month are necessary for approval under this program. A business can be approved for a starter line, which is increased over time repeatedly as this loan based on company sales line is used.

Working capital amounts as high as 125% of the total monthly deposits are approved. As an example, if your business deposits $40,000 per month, then up to $50,000 can be approved as a starter line.

Your business can just use the business’s general revenues to get the line established. After this cash flow line is set up, within 24 hours, funds are wired into your business account. After the line is paid down at least 50%, it can draw against the line to the limit and use it as the constant source of financing.

Application is a simple 1 page form and the most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements are provided. If the business is seasonal, the business may want to provide the most recent 12 months bank statements. The average balance, or average daily balance, the monthly beginning balance, the monthly ending balance, the total dollar amount of deposits, and the number of deposits per month are reviewed to determine the line size of the loan based on sales.

The average daily balance is the average bank account balance over the course of the 30 day statement period. The higher this is, the higher the approved line amount will be. A business that deposits $75,000 per month and has an average daily balance of $20,000 will be approved for a significantly higher line than a business that deposits $75,000 per month and has an average daily balance of $5,000 per month, all other things equal. The business can have a few overdraft days per month and still qualify for this loan, up to 5 overdraft days per month.

Example Loan based on Company Sales customer:

National Aviation has Gross Sales per Month of $200,000 for total annual sales of $2,500,000, and is requesting a loan based on company sales for $150,000. National Aviation submits the one page application along with their most recent 3 months complete business checking account statements. The statements are reviewed for the average daily balance and total average amount of monthly deposits. They are approved for $100,000 request for a 12 month term. The customer asks how they might be able to get to the full $150,000 in funding. They have strong financial statement available and while they are not required, they choose to submit them in an effort to increase the loan based on company sales credit limit. Based on the strong gross sales numbers and the strong net income figures, the increase amount to $150,000 is approved. The customer agrees to the terms, and the docs are E-Mailed to the customer.

The customer completes the documents and E-Mails them back. The documents are reviewed for accuracy and a standard landlord verification is completed. When this is completed, funds are wired into the customer’s business checking account within 1 to 2 business days. After National Aviation pays the balance down to 50% to 60% of the original loan based on sales balance, they can draw against the full limit of the line again. National Aviation receives the wired funds and uses them to expand their hanger which will allow for more planes, flights and significantly more revenue in the ensuing years to come.


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