Webinar: Introduction to Green Bonds

Green bonds have been touted as a key financial instrument able to fund the vast clean energy and sustainable infrastructure needs of corporations, cities, municipalities, and states. The green bond market has grown rapidly since its inception in 2008, and is expected to exceed $40 billion in 2015. Governments and public agencies in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, among others, have recently issued green bonds to fund a range of verified green projects.

What are green bonds? How do they differ from other environmental bonds and what is their potential to have a positive financial and environmental impact? Who can issue these bonds and what is the general process? This one hour webinar covered the basics of green bonds and how they may be able to fit into your environmental management strategy.

This webinar provided:

Descriptions and examples of different types of green bonds
The benefits and costs of issuing a green bond for different types of issuers (state government, institutional, local government, and private sector)
An overview of the green bond market
Key development, verification, and reporting considerations


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