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It’s a story of a president using his influence and power to interfere with a federal investigation of foreign powers committing crimes in America. It’s a story of scandal that should invariably lead to a federal probe by a special counsel.

But this story is not about President Trump and the investigation led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller. It’s not a story about Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. There is evidence brewing of another scandal, this one involving President Barack Obama and Hezbollah, Iran and the Russians. The story has been uncovered in an investigative story by Politico. The report focuses on an administration decision to spike “Project Cassandra,” a federal probe into international drug smuggling, money laundering and terrorism by Hezbollah. It is alleged that Obama’s motive for interfering with the justice system was to appease Moscow and Tehran while the president was seeking a nuclear deal with Iran. It seems a decision was made at a high level within Obama’s administration to prioritize keeping peace with Iran and Russia even if it jeopardized the protection of U.S. citizens.

If this story is accurate, it should have shaken the foundation of Washington. It placed the interests of foreign nations over those of Americas. Project Cassandra was initiated by efforts of the Drug Enforcement Agency and the U.S. intelligence agencies to deal with the growing influence of Hezbollah around the world. When Obama took office, Hezbollah was financing terrorism at the price of more than $1 billion, and furthering the interests of Tehran’s ayatollahs.

And by the time Obama began his second term, he had John Brennan as CIA Director who was advocating better relations with Hezbollah “moderates,” and John Kerry as Secretary of State who was determined to make every concession to Iran. He even conceded to legalizing their nuclear program and allowed restrictions to lapse. These steps were the beginning of the end of Project Cassandra.

When Ali Fayad, a Lebanese arms dealer, was indicted on charges that he planned the murders of U.S. government workers, there were orders that seemed to bow to Russian pressure and the U.S. made no effort to extradite him. Fayad evaded justice and went back to work in Lebanon.

There were also other top Hezbollah operatives that seemed to get a pass from the justice system, including one who trafficked in chemical weapons. When U.S. agents tried to protest this, they were told not to “rock the boat.”

So by the time Trump took office, efforts to stop Hezbollah were derailed and there had been almost nothing done by the previous presidential administration to generate political leverage. It seems that Obama was just keeping the ayatollahs happy. This culminated in him sending $400 million packed in wooden pallets as a part of a ransom payment to Iran.

Now Bloomberg is reporting the Post’s and Politico’s report stretch the truth while citing on fact that was reported by the LA Times:

That’s doubtful, at least for the CIA. As the Los Angeles Times reported in 2011 the agency’s Beirut station, which tracked Hezbollah, was put out of business after most of its sources were arrested that year. It’s highly unlikely the agency would have been able to build up its source network in a few short years. What’s more, the CIA director for Obama’s second term, John Brennan, had openly discussed his view of trying to separate Hezbollah hardliners from Hezbollah moderates in Washington policy forums. The decision to go soft on Hezbollah looks entirely deliberate.

The consequences of this deal with Iran and Russia made a nuclear deal that was a disaster and it didn’t fulfill any of the U.S. objectives. It made Iran stronger in the region and endangered American allies.

It seems that while many in America are focused on Trump’s uncivil discourse and giving Obama a pass on aiding and abetting terrorism.

Do you think this story from Politico is accurate? If so, what should the consequences be?

Just keep in mind one thing, this is the same website (Politico) that claims Paul Ryan is retiring so take it for what it’s worth.

Credit: New York Post


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